Gerard Egan’s Self Titled Egan Model

Gerard Egan was professor of organisational development and psychology at Loyola University in Chicago. Egan considered his methods to be more about prevention than cure. He believed the challenge for psychology was to get out of text books and into social settings. He also believed that clients were either in a troubled or crisis situation, or not as effective as they wanted to be.

The Egan Model

Stage One: The present – where you are at now
1. Help the client tell their story (prompts, active listening, open questions, S.O.L.E.R).
2. Help the client break through any blind spots (use reflection).
3. Help the client find the right problem/opportunity to work on (prioritise).

Stage Two: Preferred – where you want to be
1. Help the client use their imagination to spell out possibilities (question and explore their views).
2. Help the client chose realistic and challenging goals (action plan).
3. Help the client to find incentives that will help with commitment (what they will get out of it).

Stage Three: Strategies – How are you going to get where you want to be?
1. Help the client find possible actions (timing).
2. Help the client to find best fit strategies (what will work for the client).
3. Help the client to draft an action plan.

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