Things To Think About As Studying Counsellors

Things to consider

Counselling isn’t just about learning a set of rules, ethics and procedures. It is a way of life. It is about choosing to take a very distinct and personal journey and freeing yourself from past memories, experiences and conditioning. When you free yourself from any past conditioning you begin to take responsibility for your actions and start to make real choices for your life. YOU are responsible for your own behaviour and you understand the consequences of your actions. You can’t blame anyone else. You have the power to shape your life through the choices you make now.

You must have a plan as counsellors. Without a plan you risk becoming directionless and disorganised. You must be determined to succeed in your studies and in the development of your character. But don’t look for quick fixes. Remain true to your principles and values. Principles are your ultimate belief system from which your values emerge.

Think big about your future practise, and set clear and concise goals for how you will achieve it. In the face of adversity remember that success is a journey.

Changes in Ourselves

Developing confidence: Challenge your own abilities and the way you perceive yourself. Stop negative and self defeating internal dialogue.

Relaxation: Read books, watch films, practise yoga, listen to music. Develop a relaxation ritual before bedtime to allow for better sleep, and therefore better well-being.

Become more assertive: Challenge yourself as with ‘developing confidence’. Take more calculated risks. Express yourself in a clear and calm way without introducing emotion, even when someone tries to talk you down. Stay calm and focused.

Finally, remember that being a counsellor is a tremendous privilege.


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